Last updated on 2017-05-08

Election and Student Politics

Engaging in student politics is a good way of working for better educations and conditions for students not only at the ITU but all over the country. Also, it is an opportunity for you to influence your own study programme and study environment. You can work in student politics e.g. via The Student Council or run for election at the ITU.
Being engaged in student politics and extra curricular activities is also a way of developing your CV, already while you are still studying. Read more about CV development and career in the Career Section.

You can also voice your opinion by answering and participating in the many questionnaires and evaluations of courses, professors, processes, and study environment. Your opinion is very much appreciated.

Pictures of stupIT posters.

The Student Council – ITU students’ own political association

The Student Council is the students’ own political association at the IT University. It consists of students from every field of study at the university, and is run by students. The Student Council works to promote student interests and improve students’ political, professional, and social conditions at the ITU.

You can read more about The Student Council, and how to become an active member, on their website. You do not have to a member to participate in their activities which arranging debates and so on.


Student Politics

There are also several other possibilities to engage in student politics. You can e.g. join Danske Studerende Fællesråd (DSF), as the representative for the IT University. The DSF is a national organization for students in Denmark who want to work for better educations, and the organization is often the "students’ voice" in the press and opposite politicians. The DSF is present and representing students’ interests in several political bodies including the council for government funding (SU-Rådet) and the Danish Evaluation Institute.