Last updated on 2017-06-12


ITU’s Sexual Harassment Policy

We all have a responsibility to make ITU a sexual harassment-free zone.

In ITU’s Sexual Harassment Policy, you can find information on what to do if you witness or experience sexual harassment. Please familiarize yourself with the policy, which you can find here

Exam dates for Spring 2019 is now available in TimeEdit

You can now search for exam dates in TimeEdit for the spring semester 2019. 

Weekly schedule for courses in spring 2019

Starting from noon Monday September 15, you will be able to see the time and dates for classes in spring 2019. Changes to the schedule may occur. Access the Spring 2019 schedule in TimeEdit

Der bliver ikke længere optaget studerende på diplomuddannelsen

IT-Universitetet stopper optaget på Diplom i it fra og med sommeren 2015, men IT-Universitetet vil fortsætte med at have kurser for diplomstuderende til og med efteråret 2017.