Last updated on 2018-05-07


Course descriptions for spring 2019

Starting from noon, Monday September 15 you can access the full course descriptions for courses in spring 2019.
For courses go to the Course Base

Weekly schedule for courses in spring 2019

Starting from noon Monday September 15, you will be able to see the time and dates for classes in spring 2019. Changes to the schedule may occur. Access the Spring 2019 schedule in TimeEdit

Autumn Holiday 2018

The SAPfront office and The Study and Career Guidance will be closed all through week 42

Rules and Framework

As a guest student at the IT University you need to follow the rules about courses and exams

However, the overall rules for your full-time programme and the framework for your education is defined by the curriculum and rules of the university you are mainly enrolled in.

If in doubt, you are always welcome to contact The Study and Career Guidance.