Last updated on 2018-06-19

Welcome to the IT University of Copenhagen!


You are now in the Study Start section on Study Guide. Here, you will be able to find information related to the beginning of your studies at ITU.

How to use the Study Guide

Study Guide is your platform as a student at the IT University of Copenhagen. Here, you can find a lot of useful information related to being a student at ITU. Study Guide has five general categories of information:

  • Study Start - Introduction to Study Guide, to your study start and being a student at ITU
  • Your Programme – Rules and regulations related to your studies
  • Study and Career Guidance – Improve your study habits, become a better student and prepare yourself for your future career
  • Campus Facilities – Read about IT services, printers, the café and more
  • Get Involved – Get involved at ITU; in student politics or in other organisations run by the students


We hope you enjoy your studies at ITU!