Last updated on 2017-11-27

Approval of Courses

Courses outside ITU must be approved in order for them to count as part of an ITU programme. This can either be courses that you want to take in the coming semester, or courses that you have passed before you enrolled at ITU. 

Pre-approval of courses

If you want to do courses at another university in the future as a part of your degree at the IT University, you must apply for a pre-approval. The IT University will then decide whether or not the courses can fit into your programme.

How to apply for pre-approval of courses

  • Fill out the application form
  • Make a study plan
  • Attach all the relevant documentation. The required documentation is listed in the form
  • Send the application to Student Affairs and Programmes (

Processing and deadline for applications

Courses that you want to take in ... Deadline for application Answer from Student Affairs and Programmes
Autumn April 20 June 1
Summer April 20 June 1
Spring October 20 the previous year December 1 the previous year

After you have passed the pre-approved courses

The pre-approval of courses is a preliminary approval. It is not the actual transfer of credits from another educational institution.

You must submit documentation of passed and non-passed courses that has been pre-approved by the university. This should be done as soon as you receive your documentation. Send the documentation along with the original pre-approval letter from Student Affairs and Programmes by e-mail to

Transfer courses that you passed before you started at ITU

If you have passed courses before your current enrollment and want these study activities to be part of you ITU programme, you can apply for a credit transfer.

If you want to transfer courses that have already been pre-approved by the ITU, you do not have to apply. Simply send a transcript of the exams along with a copy of the pre-approval to

Maximum course transfer

Part-time students can transfer courses from other educational institutions up to a maximum of 30 ECTS.


If your application is rejected or only partly approved, you can file a complaint.

You must send the complaint within two weeks from the day you received the decision.

You can read more about complaints about credit transfer in the University Programme Order.





More about approval of courses outside ITU

Q: What if I am not going to make use of my pre-approval anyway?

A: You must notify the IT University, as you must be registered for study activities at the IT University instead.

Q: Can I transfer courses from my qualifying degree?

A: No. Courses cannot be part of both your qualifying degree and your degree at ITU. If you have passed a course during your qualifying degree, which is similar to one of your courses at the IT University, you can apply for an exemption to replace the course.