Last updated on 2015-04-24

Attending a Course

In order to follow a course and sit for the exam, you must sign up for the course in the registration period.

Course descriptions

You can find descriptions of the courses in the course catalogue in LearnIT. A list of course titles for the coming semester is available from October/April. Full descriptions of the courses are available in mid November/ mid May.

Schedule for classes and exam schedule

The weekly schedule for the classes are available in TimeEdit from mid November/May. The exam schedule is available in the end of November/May.

Teaching and LearnIT

Teaching is conducted from Monday in week 5 and 35. Each course is taught for 14 weeks. The details for each course is available through LearnIT one week before the semester starts at the latest. You must be registered for a course in order to access it in LearnIT.

See also the weekly schedule for your courses.

Mandatory activities

A course may have mandatory activities that you need to pass in order to sit for the exam. Descriptions of the mandatory activities are available in the course base.


Read more about course exams in the exams section.


More about attending courses

Q: What happens if I don't pass the mandatory activities in my course?
A: If you don't pass the mandatory activities, you will recieve the grade NA (Not Approved) for the ordinary exam and you use an exam attempt. You can sit for the re-exam but you may have to pass the mandatory activities first. Ask your course manager what rules apply for the specific course. If the mandatory acitivities are a pre-requisite for attending the re-exam, you will have the chance to submit them again before the re-exam.

Q: What if the exam form or the curriculum for a course has changed when I take the course again?
A: You must sit for the exam on the conditions that apply when you do the course. This also entails that you have to pass the mandatory activities in a course again, in order to sit for the exam.