Last updated on 2018-04-16

Getting Started With a Project

There are three kinds of projects:

See the semester overview for submission deadlines.

Find a supervisor

Once you have decided to do a project and settled on a topic, you need to find a supervisor.

Learn more about the project supervisor.

Register for the project

You must register for the project in My Study Activities.

If you need help registering and setting up your project agreement, here is a complete guide. Please go to Registration for more information.

Your registration generates a project agreement in the project base. Find the project agreement, and fill in the problem statement.

Decide how you want the oral exam conducted if you are writing a group project

If you are writing a group project you must choose between four ways of conducting the oral exam. You must write in the project agreement which one you have chosen.

Invite your supervisor

Once you have filled in the problem statement, you must formally invite your supervisor via the project agreement. The supervisor must then accept the invitation.

Send the project agreement for approval

After the supervisor has accepted the invitation to supervise the project in the project base, you must submit the project agreement to the Board of Studies for approval. This is also done through the project agreement. Your project is not formally approved until the Board of Studies has approved it.

See deadlines for submitting the project agreement in the semester overview.

Submitting the project

See how to submit written work. and the deadlines for submission in the semester overview


More about getting started with a project

Q: Can I make changes to the project agreement?
A: After you have submitted the project agreement to the Board of Studies you can only change the project title. You are however not assessed on the problem statement as described in the project agreement, so it is fine to put a revised problem statement in the finished project, if you can agree on it with your supervisor. If you have substantial changes to the problem formulation, method or the like, you may want to describe them in an appendix or a summary about the project process in the finished project. 

Q: What happens after I submit the project agreement to the Board of Studies?
A: In most  cases, the Board of studies approves the project. You will be notified about the decision approximately two weeks after you have submitted to project agreement to the Board of Studies.

Q: What if my project is not approved by the Board of Studies?
A: If the Board of Studies finds that the project agreement is not satisfactory, or that your request for supervisor(s) cannot be met, you are notified and you get the opportunity to change the project agreement or supervisor request.

Q: Should we write a section each, or work together on the whole project?
A: For projects of this kind (i.e. projects that are not related to a course) all group members are liable for the entire report. This means that you are assessed based on the entire report. At the oral exam as well, you can be asked about the entire report.