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Registration for study activities in autumn 2019 opens June 1 and closes June 10 (at 23:59).

Later, you will be able to make changes to your registrations, and you sign up for courses that still has available seats. Read more about changing your registration.

How to register

You register in My Study Activities.

Your registration for courses is only a wish. After the registration deadline, Student Affairs and Programmes allocate course seats, and approximately two weeks after the registration deadline, you can see the result of the seat allocation in My Study Activities.

When prioritizing...
The number of courses that you give first priority indicates the number of courses you want to register for. Your choice of second priority course will only be taken into consideration, if you are not awarded a seat in the course(s) that you have given first priority.

This means that if you need to register for two courses, you should give both courses first priority. If you register one course as a first priority, and one course as a second priority, you will only get a space in one course.

During the period for changing registrations in the beginning of the semester, you cannot prioritize registrations

Your registration for a project generates a project agreement in the project base that you must fill in. Learn more about getting started with a project.

What courses can you sign up for?

In each registration period, the courses you can register for are listed on the registration form. Remember to check if the courses you sign up for are scheduled to run at the same time.

You can also see your possibilities in the contents section.

Note however that:

  • Some courses have overlapping content, to the extent that you are only allowed to take one of them.
  • The course manager may expect that students have certain academic qualifications from the onset of the course.

You can see these requirements under "Formal prerequisites" in the course description in the course catalogue. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the prerequisites for a course.

Changing your registrations

In the beginning of the semester you can make changes to your registrations. Read more about changing your registration.



More about how to register

Q: What if the course is no longer offered?

A: You should already have been contacted by your Programme Coordinator or SAP if the course is no longer offered. If this is not the case, please send a mail to to clarify your situation. Use your ITU-mail, and include:

  • that it concerns registration for an exam in a course that has been discontinued
  • which course it is
  • in what term you attended the exam the first time(s).

  • As a rule, you will get the opportunity to complete the course in the first-coming exam period after the course has been cancelled. However, this may vary from course to course and under certain circumstances, other time frames may also apply. 

    Q: How do we register for a group project?

    Up to four students can work together on a thesis and five students in other projects. If you want to register as a group, the first group member must add the other group members during the registration. Hereafter, the other participants must sign up for the same project activity in My Study Activities.

    Q: I have attended the course before. Can I sign up for just the exam?

    A: No. Registration for an exam requires that you register for the course in the registration period. This is also means that have to submit mandatory assignments again, and that your exam will be based on the newest curriculum for the course.

    Q: What happens if my wishes for study activities are not met?

    A: You will get an e-mail from Student Affairs and Programmes telling you how to proceed.

    Q: Can I do courses or projects at other universities?

    A: Yes, you can. For this you need a pre-approval of credit transfer from the IT University. Apart from this, you have to follow the admission guidelines for guest students at the specific university.