Last updated on 2016-04-18

Submitting Written Work

Digital submission

All kinds of written work must be submitted digitally via learnIT. Keep in mind that:

  • For exam assignments you need to have a front page, with the following information:
    • Course titel / Project titel
    • Course code (e.g. 1408003U, 1012001U etc.)
    • The names of all students submitting the assignment
    • ITU-email for all students submitting the assignment (e.g.
  • If you are writing a project (that has a project agreement in the project base), the title on your assignment must be the same as in your project agreement.

You submit under the relevant project or course. Exam assignments for courses can be submitted two weeks before the submission deadline. Projects can be submitted when the project agreement has been approved.

Upon submitting your written work in learnIT, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation receipt by e-mail.

More about submitting written work

Q: I'm having problems uploading to LearnIT! What do I do?

A: First, check the IT operating status. If the problem isn't described here, or if it seems to be local (i.e. related to your computer), you can contact the IT Department ( for help.

Q: What files are accepted for upload?

A: You can see in LearnIT which type of file to submit and how many files can be submitted. If this has to be changed, please contact your Course Manager or Supervisor. Also, to make sure your files do not exceed the maximum permitted, you can compress them in a .zip file. Here is a walkthrough how to do that.

Q: Can I replace a project that I already uploaded with a newer version?

A: At first, you will upload a draft. You can edit the draft or submit it. Once you have submitted, you cannot edit your submission. You can apply for an exemption from the rule. Read more about applying for an exemption.

Q: Can I submit after the deadline?

A: No, the system will close for download after the deadline. You can apply for an exemption to hand in after the deadline. If you want to apply, you should send the application as soon as possible and attach the assignment to the email. Remember to argue why you should be exempted. If you do not send an application for exemption or if the application is rejected, a "not attended" (udeblevet) will be registered for the exam.

Q: We are submitting a group project. Do all groups members have to upload a copy?

A: No, you should upload the project just once. Any member of the group can upload the project, and he or she must add the other group members in the submission window in LearnIT.

Q: Can I change the title and problem statement from the project agreement?

A: After the project agreement has been approved, you can only change the project title. You can change the title until you have submitted the project. You are however not assessed on the problem statement as described in the project agreement, so it is fine to put a revised problem statement in the finished project. If you have substantial changes to the problem formulation, method or the like, you may want to describe them in an appendix or a summary about the project process in the finished project.

Q: What if my work is confidential?

A: When you submit in LearnIT, you can choose to make the submission "confidential" and only the examiners will be able to see it. If you mark your submission "official" you can choose to share the submission with ITU students only or make it accessible to people without an ITU-login as well.

Please use the possibility of confidentiality marking with care, as important knowledge sharing will be lost if it is used too often.

Q: Should I submit a blank sheet, if I won't be able to finish my exam assignment or project?

A: No, you shouldn't submit anything. You will get a "u" for "udeblevet" (absent).