Last updated on 2019-02-11

Semester Overview - Spring 2019

28.01.2019 – 10.05.2019
May and June 2019 
July and August 2019
The course period is 15 weeks, but there will usually not be classes in the entire period. See LearnIT for details about your course.
You can see further details in TimeEdit. See submission deadlines for projects below.
Exact dates for re-exams will be planned after the results from the ordinary exams are in. See submission deadlines for projects below.

Please note
For all exams with a written submission the re-exam period where you submit the re-exam assignment is in July. The oral re-examinations will be in August. 

See the weekly schedule for your courses.

Submission deadlines for projects and other assignments

All deadlines are at 14:00 on the date given below
See how to submit written work
Assignments in a course
Mandatory assignments and exam projects
Exam projects will usually be due in December.  See LearnIT for details.
Final project
3 June 2019
Read more about the final project
Course re-exams - submission of re-exam assignments
10 July 2019 * See the course base and LearnIT for details.
Final project re-exams
2 September 2019  

*Valid for exams that had a submission deadline in May for the ordinary exam. If your submission deadline for the ordinary exam was in June, the submission deadline for the re-exam will be later than July 10. You will be notified about the exact deadline by e-mail.


Easter holiday
16.04.2019 – 22.04.2019
Prayer Day
Ascension Day 30.05.2019
Constitution Day
Whit Monday

The following principles always apply:

  • Registration for study activities is December 1-10 and June 1-10.
  • Changes to the registrations can be made in weeks 5-6 and 35-36.
  • Teaching starts Mondays in week 5 and 35.
  • Projects are due in May and December.
  • Summer projects are due in August.
  • Oral and set written exams are held in January and May/June.
  • Re-exams are held in February/March and July/August.