Last updated on 2013-01-12


SVU can be granted to students on continuing education. At the IT University SVU can be granted for single subject courses, diploma and our Master programmes. You cannot be granted SVU if you are a student on an education that is eligible to SU - i.e. our Bachelor and Master of Science programmes.

There are several requirements you must fulfill to be eligible to receive SVU. You must among other things be a full time student, i.e. take courses worth of 30 ECTS during a semester. Read more about SVU (Danish website) to find out about all the rules and requirements.

If you wish to apply for SVU you can download an application from the website, which you fill out and send to the Study Administration at the IT University. We will then verify the information and send the application back to you.

The Study Administration is responsible for handling applications to SVU at the IT University. If you have any questions regarding SVU you can direct them to or +45 7218 5202.