Last updated on 2018-08-14


New admission requirement for GBI, DS and DIM

The Danish government has decided to put a maximum on the number of international students admitted each year, as too many international students leave and work outside Denmark after graduation. Therefore, ITU has had to introduce Danish language at an A level as an admission requirement for the following programmes already from 2019:

  • BSc in Global Business Informatics
  • BSc in Data Science*
  • MSc in Digital Innovation and Management*

For students already enrolled this will not affect you. Graduates from GBI and those graduates from DS who have a legal right to be admitted to DIM (retskrav) are exempted from the Danish language requirement and will still be able to enroll to and study this programme.

Remember your student ID for the written exams

Be aware that you will need your student ID card when attending the written exams.